New York Times Crossword Answers - Feb 25 2017

___ des Beaux-Arts
Without having a second to lose?
Went without
Wee, informally
Vegas hotel with a name from English legend
Users' resources
Trail mix ingredients
Taken to the cleaners
Streak breaker, maybe
Stephen King's first novel
Stays out all night?
Sport similar to paintball
Sociopathic role for Alain Delon (1960), Matt Damon (1999) and John Malkovich
Slipped one by, in a way
Shaped like Cheerios
Seat in court
Satirist who said 'If you were the only person left on the planet, I would have to attack you. That's my job'
Reject someone, in a way
Puts down
Primary color in italiano
Present from the start
Popular California winemaker
Ones taking a lode off?
Offer on Airbnb, say
Number of bacteria living on a surface that has not been sterilized
Note in a Yelp business listing
Matchbox item
Mammal that jumps vertically when startled
Made like
Linda ___, 'Girl Reporter' series author
Like dollhouse furnishings
Kind of seating
Keynote, e.g
Keeps the beat?
Is rankled by
Iowa college
Hunting dog breed
High cost of leaving?
Having a ring of truth
Had the know-how
Giovanni da Verrazano discovery of 1524
Former employer of Keith Olbermann
First Indochina War's Battle of Dien ___ Phu
Entree often served with a moist towelette
Emailed, say
Cross-outs and others
Corrupt, in British slang
Car ad letters
Bubbling over
Boy Scout shelter
Bodybuilder's pose, e.g
Applied, as face paint
All things being equal?
Aglisten, in a way
60s sorts
1,000 baisa
'Ya got me?'
'Get a ___!'
'Cheese and rice!'

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