USA Today Crossword Answers - May 7 2017

___ de guerre
Young lad, in Dublin
Works of Horace
Worked like Rumpelstiltskin
Work with a pattern, perhaps
Work at a bar
Upset victory during a long losing streak, say
Try to avoid a collision
There are two in a 5-4-3 double play
The 'E' of EGBDF
Take by force, as land
Take another shot at
Take a time-out
Stone with an Oscar for 'La La Land'
Stationery store buy
Spanish surrealist Joan
Sleeping car features
Siren on the Rhine
Shop jargon
Rock concert array
Really bug
Ran like heck
Pride newborn
Prefix with warrior or tourist
Prefix with 'mom,' in 2009 news
Port of Algeria
Places for mud baths
Places for dips
Piedmont wine area
Pew attachment
Painter of limp watches
Original 'King Kong' studio
One of a die's six
Nigeria's largest city
Mme. Curie
Many early PCs
Lugosi of 'Dracula'
Lucille Ball and Conan O'Brian, slangily
Lotte of 'Semi-Tough'
Longtime label for Booker T
Like the Spanish 'el' (Abbr.)
Like fenced goods
Like convenient shopping
Job seeker's hope
Jimmy Eat World's genre
Jenna of 'Dharma & Greg'
Inauguration highlight
Hurl a slur at
Horatio who wrote of Tattered Tom
Harder to come by
Folklore fiend
Folies-Bergere designer
First lady before Michelle
Feature of many taxis
Fabulist who gave us 'cry wolf'
Eliciting chuckles
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto
Dory propeller
Devo's headgear resembled these
Dean Martin's 'That's ___'
Creator of Mickey and Donald
Coffee table book, e.g
Calif. barrio area
Bocelli delivery
Bit of gossip
Big box stores, e.g
Big Apple retailer
Bedtime request
Baseball cards buy
Apt anagram of 'Sinatra'
Any 'South Park' character
Alternative to UPS Ground
Act the smug winner
'Lenore' poet
'Cogito, ___ sum'

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