Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Apr 13 2017 - The Wright Stuff

Understanding words
They get broken on playing fields
The enemy of one's enemy
Take ___ view of
Syrian battle site
Suck up
States on a Monopoly board, e.g
Spare tire makeup
Sot sounds
Sign up for advertising emails, say
She walks into Rick's gin joint
Shape an eyebrow
Sarcophagus symbol
Rugged mass of rock
Pot builders
Pick on playfully
Phrase on an advertising flyer
Photographer's solution
Pen plea
Part of a U. URL
One way to run
One eligible for cheap auto insurance?
Not just very
Noodle product
Noisy celebration, in Britain
Nearly all
Michelle and Cass
Message from MADD, perhaps
Master mopper's title?
London location
Like tea leaves
Like a rainforest
Least windy
Knocks over
Just your average guy
Join a jury
It may be bold
Hit straight to the shortstop, say
Grandfather of Elizabeth II
Golden Globe-winning Donald Glover series
Geneve's nation
GATT successor
Garage sale condition
Function named from the Latin for 'curve'
Fresh from the tub
Forcibly evict families in foreclosure?
First name of comedy
First name associated with 53-Across
Final works from authors?
Feature presentation
Draped garment
Diddy's ex
Dernier ___
Catch a highway cop's attention, maybe
Browse Amazon, say
Block at a bar
Be in a bee
Asteroids producer
Asgardian rogue
Alsace affirmatives
Alley ___
'Your point being?'
'The Twelve Days of Christmas,' maybe?
'Seven whole grains on a mission' brand
'Glad that's over!'

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