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If you are having a free time and are not realizing what do at the hour, then play online crossword puzzles. These online games can be your best friends if you have nothing to do on Sunday morning. They won't let you feel bored or being empty minded. That's their major specialty, puzzle games have been appealing to lots of players from days when computer technology was not in existence. They used to be printed on leading state and national newspapers. Kids, youth and retired guys took fun in solving them. Playing crossword puzzle games with colorful graphics is an exciting idea. These games have the ability to develop mental aptitude of players. If you are feeling like doing nothing on a holiday just try brain teasers given in puzzle games. They will make your brain super active and open. Just keep on your mental ideas to flow out by playing puzzle games.

Improving memory by playing games is a productive and fun activity. Crosswords provide a great mind work-out as they require the use of logic and memory on several levels: the direct recall of words, exploring different interpretations of clues and seeking patterns. If you do crosswords mindfully, yet with a sense of mischief, they are an excellent and fun way to protect and improve your memory. Your approach to the puzzle will help increase success and enjoyment. Here are some hints:

Start working on the crossword by proceeding through the clues from start to finish, filling in the answers you know. Resist the temptation to do the cross-hatched words. This will provide an immediate sense of progress as a significant number of clues will be completed.

The tougher clues will become easier as more letters will have been filled in and your mind will have had a preview of them. Attack the missed clues in any order, concentrating on building up areas where there are letters already filled in. Don't worry if a specific clue doesn't solve immediately. Allow time and space for the mind to explore different possibilities; this is where the fun really starts. Think about: 

* different meanings of the clue
* related words or ideas; this may create a link to the correct solution
* common letter combinations
* the crossword's theme, if applicable
* the frequent crossword clues (This is the only reason I know what an 'epee' is)

After spending time on all the clues take a break. Given the opportunity, the subconscious mind will find new patterns between clues, letters and memories. Be ready to be amazed when you come back to the crossword.

Put the ego to the side as some of your answers will be wrong. Be willing to erase answers if they do not line up with other clues and do a bit of 'trial by error' detective work if there are multiple candidate answers.

Most importantly, keep in mind that it is only a game -- a trifle. The rules and expectations of crossword experts do not apply to everyday solvers. After giving a crossword a few solid attempts, keep making progress by using dictionaries, atlases, friends and the web. You can't know what you don't know.

However you do a crossword, as long as you relax and enjoy the experience, they are good for the mind and memory. Have fun and perhaps learn a few new words to impress your friends.

Crossword puzzles have numerous advantages for everyone. Even if there are others who frown on solving these games saying it is a waste of time, there are many who believe they can provide something good for them.

Here are 10 of the reasons many people find answering puzzles worthwhile:

1. Crosswords are great for keeping you healthy mentally.
If you want to stay fit and active when it comes to your cognitive skills like logic, analysis and comprehensive thinking, then answering crossword puzzles are perfect for you.

2. They are cheap recreational entertainment you can play anywhere.
You don't need to buy batteries or lug around heavy gadgets to be able to play some puzzles. All you need is the paper or book they are printed on plus a pen or a pencil and you are all set. You can also turn on your computer and play all the puzzles you can avail of online.

3. These games help you practice your spelling skills effortlessly.
Getting the right answer to a clue provided on a crossword takes skill in spelling a word right. Just one wrong spelling can already compromise the answers of the other clues in the game.

4. They help enhance your vocabulary.
It is fun to learn new words and you can do exactly that from answering such games as crosswords, code words or word searches.

5. Puzzles are non-stressful and really entertaining game options for dyslexic people.
These word games will not only help people suffering from dyslexia overcome their difficulty in reading, they will also provide them hours of fun.

6. They are able to help prevent or lessen the risk for such illnesses as Alzheimer's disease (AD) or dementia.
There are many studies that show how solving crossword puzzles can help slow down dementia or AD because of its ability to challenge and stimulate the cognitive reserves of people, especially those who are already aging.

7. They are good for learning English and other languages.
Word games don't come in English only, but they also come in other languages. So, if you are honing your English or aiming to learn another language like Italian, Chinese or French, you can find crosswords in these languages.

8. Such games hold appeal not just for people all ages, but also to a variety of learning types.
More and more teachers are now using puzzles to teach kids in schools. Many find that lessons in Math, geography and social studies, among others, are better taught when they are presented in a recreational manner.

9. They help provide an easy yet fun activity for bonding with family or friends.
Puzzles are not just games you can play by yourself. They can be played in groups, too.

10. Crossword puzzles present an appealing way of being able to solve a problem in these challenging times.
When you are already bothered by a lot of problems, it is relaxing to know that there is still something you can solve.

Although online crossword puzzles are easy to play and enjoy. They make mundane daily life a little bit spicy with ingredients of applied intelligence. Crossword games make us t complete those mental tasks that can't be done in cross word connoisseurs. Today puzzles are available in attractive electronic format. They are available on the internet; many of them can be downloaded free on the computer. Most of these games have a rectangular and square shape. The graphics of these puzzles are also found in other geometrical shapes also. Many guys love to solve online puzzles, now computer gaming technology has developed lots of techniques to solve and play these games. The most difficult puzzles involve using indirect clues instead of direct clues for solving them.

Direct and indirect clues found in online crossword puzzles enhancing the thinking power of online players. They increase the sense of imagination in them while they attempt to solve the game. The clues provided by these online games are literal as well as metamorphic. Those puzzle games are tougher that omit clues for solving. Among many varieties of this brain teasing games cryptic puzzle games are the most challenging to solve. They have anagrams in which letter of a word are to be converted in such a way that a new word is formed. New phrases can also be created with these words. Cryptic puzzles also involve using double clues for facilitating players. They use a single grid which can be filled by a list of more than one clue.

Clues are just a hint to reach the ladder of success in anything but the hard work never got waste in any case and if you try and put your efforts in the right directions then the success can be delayed but it is never denied. So, whether on a relaxing day from office or from home or from any educational institution, if you are looking to increase your vocabulary or updating yourself with the general studies or the history of your country, then nothing else can save you as much as the crosswords. The crosswords have been practiced by us from the years and has gone through many transformations but still they have maintained their authenticity of knowledge bank and relish by all age groups. The crosswords have been an all-time favorites for the people who have known them to solve from years and who love the way they have transformed from the years into a venture that does not require any recognition now.


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