Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Oct 26 2016 - Prefixations

___ II (Gillette brand)
Words with daze or dither
Word sung by revelers
Wombat stalker
Winged archer
Wear away
Verb largely eliminated from wedding vows
Timber wolf
That person
That person
Tastelessly showy
Take up residence
Stopover spot
Station deorbited in 2001
Start for casting or commuting
Shipping destination
Senora con los ninos
Sch. for young kids
Russian ruler
Rubs out
Record of events
Pressure of dealing with a former spouse?
Play the ponies
Oscar nominee for 'Raging Bull'
Openable like some garbage cans
Not seeing the humor in something
No faster?
Negroni ingredient
Miranda and Ariel circle it
Military engagement
Mattress feature
Made of a strong wood
Longtime Bryant teammate
Like ribs and eyelashes
Like a very small fireplace?
Lessen over time
Learned sort
Laments noisily
Khan's followers
Keep close to, as the coastline
It may include four cups
It may have an ornate vault
Indulge one's itchy feet
Husking unit
Hot feeling
Having current knowledge about
First Super Bowl to be called the Super Bowl
Fingerboard dividers
Final stage of a backgammon game
Fiction expert
Feds' target
End of a celebration?
Educational opportunity for prisoners?
Duplicate a duplicate
Design of a navy vessel with different features?
Criminal charge
Complete and total
Company that composes insults for its clients?
Come into view
Carfax report?
Bus. subject
Bus. bigwig
Body damage
Bit of graft
Big bucks
Benedictine's title
Baseball bat wood
Ancient Jewish ascetic
'Dracula' author Stoker

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