L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Dec 10 2016

Touch off
Tossing and turning
To a greater extent
The blahs
Test ban subjects
TD Garden skater
Tam patterns
Styron's Turner
Stops on a commuter train
Still saved
Souvlaki choice
Some gametes
Sole proprietor?
Smartphone notification
Sci-fi author Stephenson
Santa __ winds
Plains native
Pedometer unit
Painter Mondrian
Orange half of a comic duo
Only pitcher whose jersey number was retired by the Mets
One of the gang
Odorless gas
New England sch. in Kingston
Mount, as a comeback
Montana's has a plow, a pick and a shovel
Modern opening?
Lopez who played Jiminez in 'The Dirty Dozen'
Like the Kara Kum
Like some appetites
Letter between Whiskey and Yankee
Latish wake-up time
Keats wrote on one
Journalist Whitelaw __
It takes a licking
In recent times
Hustler's request
Hebrew letters
Headache source
Goddess on whose bust Poe's raven perched
Get the word out?
Get ready to hit the road
Georgetown newspaper, with 'The'
Eye care brand
Electoral analyst Silver
Demon of Semitic lore
Death in Venice
Crow heard on tracks
Company whose old factory had a water tower shaped like the company's product
Coloratura Gluck
Certain internet chatter
Canceled a reservation, maybe
Cajun staple
Bright one in a school
Brand on the Alcan Highway
Bear fruit
Bargain for
Bad check letters
2013 literature Nobelist
1988 film noir remake
1980 film with the #1 hit 'Magic'
'Wrong call, I suppose'
'Herbie: Fully Loaded' star

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