L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Oct 18 2016

__-ray Disc
Young fellow
With 66-Across, crisp serving with pâté
What the winning quarterback may do as time runs out
Was sorry for
Voice of Carl Fredricksen in 'Up'
Video game spots
Theatrical 'Good luck!'
Super Bowl party bowlful
Stimulated, as one's appetite
Starting on
South Pacific island nation
Sotomayor colleague
Some iTunes downloads, briefly
Snake that bit Cleopatra
Singer with the albums '19,' '21' and '25'
Singer Guthrie
Shrimp kin
Shoulder wrap
Senate aide
Seine season
See 1-Across
Scoop up, as salsa with a chip
Rowlands of 'The Notebook'
Road problem needing patching
Rita Moreno or Gloria Estefan
Remote batteries
Queen __
Prosecutors, for short
Plant that is poisonous to livestock
Pitch in
Pfizer rival
Mug for the camera
Mountains between Europe and Asia
Meat markets
Lounge with keyboard music
Lack of vim and vigor
iPhone, e.g., briefly
Hot spot
Gush forth
Granola kin
Grand soirée
Govt. assistance program
Fraternal club member
Fake it
Error remover
Enjoy to the max
Do the slightest thing
Dixie general
Detectives follow them
Cry of fright
Crooks may have fake ones
Contemptible sort
Company car, e.g
Colorful flower parts
Chianti and cabernet
Catcher's protection
Bring on board, workwise
Battery post
Aware of
Australian gem
All __ sudden
Aggressive poker words
'__ goes there?'
'You lie!'
'What's up, __?'
'Terrific ... not!'
'Really, bro?!'
'I'm freezing!'
'Holy smokes!'
'Caught that movie last week'

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