L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Sep 12 2016

__ Mawr College
Worse-than-one's-bite quality
Weapon in Clue
Water down
Wall St. debut
Volleyball barrier
Two-base hit
To-do list entry
Title venue for Hemingway's old man
That, in Spain
Subtle look
Study all night
String-around-your-finger toy
Sounds from sties
Soon, to a bard
Slow movement
Slip for a tardy student
Since, in a holiday song
SeaWorld star
Scans for injured athletes, briefly
Salinger's 'With Love and Squalor' girl
Sailor's word of obedience
Roe source
Ring over an angel
Put off bedtime
Prefix with care
Piece of pizza
Perfumer Lauder
Partners' legal entity: Abbr
Palindromic pop group
Pageant title with 51 contestants (the 50 states plus D.C.)
Out of town
Online TV giant
OB/GYN procedure
Most TV 'operas'
Makes a difference
Madison Ave. bigwig
Lion groups
Like the Arctic, compared to most of the planet
Leave rolling in the aisles
Kindle download
Keats or Byron, e.g
Jai __
Is blessed with, as talent
Information that ruins the ending
Illness characterized by a red rash
Hiding spot for a cheater's ace
Gallery collection
Four-note lights-out tune
Former fast planes
Former AT&T rival
Fifi's friend
Explore caves
Electrified atoms
Decorator's wall prettifier
Debate issue
Crustacean catcher
Creator of Finn and Sawyer
Costner/Russo golf film
Cooking appliance
Collectors' albums ... and a hint to six puzzle answers
Chihuahua uncle
Buffalo hockey player
Brewery product
Bladed gardening tool
Basilica recess
Bank claim
Backyard bash
'Olde' store
'Mutiny on the Bounty' captain
'I won't tell __!'
'Defending our rights' org

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