Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Dec 17 2016 - Misplaced Modification

Worked with a nutritionist
Word spoken by one getting shot
Twins eight-time All-Star Tony
Traditional knowledge
Torso tubes
Took flight
This, in Tijuana
The radius parallels it
The Gulf Stream parallels it
Tech. sch. study
Sulky sort
Stadium section
Spring site
Spot for a thumb drive
Speedy Gonzales shout
Speak gruffly to
Sox rival
Source of overhead coverage
Smuggler's unit
Show you're in
Short-term moneymakers
Shake up
Seller of Anew skin care products
Seasonal displays
Savanna grazer
Rubs the wrong way
Rub the wrong way
Rodeo rope
Road with a no
Resistance leader of films
R&B's ___ Brothers
Queue before Q
Queen's farewell song
Qualifier for the final
Put one's audience to sleep
Put into words
Province known for its spicy cuisine
Pristine place
Prison area
Potential single
Poseidon's domain
Polygraph spikes, presumably
Poignant last scene?
Pizza party leftovers
Pine for North Carolina, e.g
Penitent people
Part with
One of six on a cube
Nonslip waders for anglers?
Mumbai music
Moving like molasses
Monsieur Magritte
Monastic office
Lunch with a crunch
Literary wrap-up
Lindsay of 'Mean Girls'
Lily variety
Like some wines
Like some wines
Let the stain remover work some more
Leaves hair everywhere
Least feral
Last letter when alphabetising
Jazz bandleader Les or his brother Larry
It literally means 'elsewhere'
Indian tourist site
Increase steeply
Head for the Riviera?
Group of reps
Grind together
Green Day, for one
Gene variant
Gangster's gun
Frigate on the attack?
Filling spot
Fig. from a contractor
Feral pack
Environmentally harmful lumbering operation?
Enthusiastic response to an invitation
Draw on
Domestic course, in days gone by
Dollywood location
Do as one's told
Dionysian reveler
Dial in a shower stall
Deposit offshore, maybe
Crude resource
Cozumel, por ejemplo
Contest that takes seconds
Conductor's baton?
College World Series host
Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones'
Catholic pilgrimage destination in Portugal
By title only
Bullfight bellows
Bug at a blog site?
Buckingham Palace pooch
Blacksmith competition?
Bisque bit
Belly laugh sound
Baseball's 'Le Grand Orange'
Baltimore-to-Buffalo dir
Argue against
Animal trapper
An average student might get one
Alma ___
All thumbs
2016 album from 25-Across
2006 Winter Olympics host
'What's ___ for me?'
'Trinity' author
'Ninotchka' director Lubitsch
'More vitamin C than orange juice' advertiser
'Lady Lindy'
'Kiss It Better' singer
'I'm outta here!'
'I Will Survive' singer Gloria
'I told you so!'
'Get outta here!'
'Black-ish' father

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