New York Times Crossword Answers - Jan 11 2017

___ strike
___ place
With 55-Down, form of the contents of the circled letters
What 'to forgive' is
Turns on, as notifications on a smartphone
Tough to grasp
Three or four
Talks like Sylvester
Suffix with ranch
Spray-paint, say
Spotted at the prom, perhaps?
Spanish baths
Smartphone download
Short and thick
See 11-Down
Scorpion, for one
Rent-___ (security guard)
Prefix with -morphic
Port city at one terminus of the Appian Way
Poi base
Pet store purchase
PC drive insert
Pale lagers
Org. whose magazine was once called Modern Maturity
One may be bitter
Object of admiration
Not in a knot, say
Music often heard in Bollywood films
Moscow news source
Mop & ___
Mid-16th-century year
Mickey Mouse's dog
Like winters in Antarctica
Like all primes except 2
Light beam bender
Lead-in to boy or girl
Lacoste product
Junior's senior
Jazz singer Carmen
Infomercial pioneer
Inflation-adjusted econ. stat
In the past
Historic 2016 Obama destination
Highish bridge combo
Food Network host Brown
Fitbit datum
First Canadian M.L.B. team
Farmworker in a Millet painting
Ernie Banks, to fans
Enter an altared state?
East ___ (Norfolk and Suffolk's locale)
Deli option
Cross initials
Cousin of FWIW
Constantly moving
Concern regarding a litter box
Co-discoverer of the contents of the circled letters
Co-discoverer of the contents of the circled letters
Close of a parental veto
Clean, in product names
Cigarette stat
Children's author Blyton
Broadcast time
Baseball's dead-ball ___
Ball of yarn
Attack on a walled city, maybe
Apothecary container
Add bling to
Absolutely nobody
18 Louises
'I had no ___!'
'Gute ___' (German bedtime words)
'Enough said!'

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