New York Times Crossword Answers - Mar 20 2017

___ poker
Wore an upside-down frown
Woodworking tool
Volcanic rock
Total hottie?
Toe testing the waters?
Suffix with million
Successful auctioneer's last word
Square dance site
Sought political office
Simple pond life
Rifle or revolver
Reindeer feet
Regarding, in a memo
Quite a distance off
Put in stitches
President who won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
Potentially dangerous bacterium
Place to dream
Paleozoic or Mesozoic
Pack animal
Oscar nominees' gathering?
New Mexican pueblo builders
Neither's partner
Native New Zealanders
Most bizarre
Many, many
Manipulate, as bread dough
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Like Dorothy's slippers
John who wrote 'The World According to Garp'
It may be reasonable to a jury
Inventory items
Having an aftertaste, as some barbecue sauce
Have debts
Hamilton's bill
Greek letter before omega
Fix, as a cat
First lady after Hillary
Finish second
Equally large
E-commerce site formerly owned by eBay
Drivers' org
Declare to be true
Debate position against 'against'
Computer program glitch
Commercial game with wild cards
Command to Rover
Certain fraternal order member
Catches forty winks
Bowling scoresheet unit
Boston airport
Body part to lend or bend
Bird that hoots
Big inits. in trucks
Baseballer Gehrig
Admit, with 'up to'
Abu ___ (Mideast land)
1983 film in which Barbra Streisand dresses as a man
1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller
140-character messages
1-800-FLOWERS alternative
'___ girl!'
'___ Comedy Jam'
'Who goes there, friend or ___?'
'Voulez-vous coucher ___ moi ce soir?'
'The Scales' constellation
'That's my cue!'
'Me as well'
'Jurassic Park' insect casing
'Get cracking!'
'Bald-faced' thing
'Ain't happening'
'50s high school dance

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