New York Times Crossword Answers - May 17 2017

___ wave (oscilloscope output)
World capital on the 60th parallel
Website for D.I.Y.ers
Utensils for making hash browns
Tributary of the Colorado
Transport de Montréal
Thing to practice percussion on
Succeed in annoying
Something to kick, maybe
Soccer superstar Lionel
Scatter, as seeds
Ruling family of old Florence
Results of sacrifices
Queen of the Greek gods
Prank-pulling sort
Play about Capote
Pesticide banned in the '70s
Passage off Gibraltar, e.g
Oklahoma tribe
Obsolete repro machine
Nicknames for 41-Acrosses
Muscles worked by bench presses
Moore of 'G.I. Jane'
Merino mother
Marinade alternative
Like some international exchanges
Like soap operas
Like light beers
Levy on polluters, e.g
Laughing gas and rust, for two
Kind of dancer
John's running mate in 2008
Invites for tea, say
How confident solvers may solve
Hosiery shades
Home to Henry VIII's Catherine
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games'
Helped oneself to
Hand-wringer's emotion
Grid org. with a 110-yard field
Good-to-go signals
Gives the slip to
For grades K-12
Fig. on a W-9
Eat, eat, eat, with 'out'
Drive-up convenience
Dory propeller
Did in, as a dragon
Dead Sea Scrolls writer
Crooks' patterns, to cops
Cotton planter's headache
Beatle who sang 'Octopus's Garden'
Be litigious
Asians who play elephant polo
Apply sloppily
Angsty music genre
Alternative to Thrifty or Dollar
Adorn with raised designs
... seconds to clear / Successful detective's ..
... for a loop, say / Area that an N.B.A. team has eight ..
... declaration / Critical computer ..
... component / Dreaded words in a video ..
... arcade / Knocked ..
'S.N.L.' alum Cheri
'Roger that'
'Ich bin ___ Berliner'
'Hmm, how shall ___ this?'
'Hello, Dolly!' singer, informally
'Fireside chats' monogram
'Baby Got Back' Grammy winner Sir ___

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