New York Times Crossword Answers - May 18 2017

___ party
___ jacket
___ diet
___ car
x, y or z follower
Where all-terrain vehicles go
What two people may ride in
What blinks on a telephone may signify: Abbr
Was idle
Utah ski town
Turn over
Tuned in
Tick off
TBS show starting in 2010
Subject of Chekhov's 'The Cherry Orchard'
Subj. for a diplomat, maybe
Studio figure
StarKist competitor
Stack of sheets
Stable stuff
Some foreign correspondents
Show with a record 200+ Emmy noms
Series curtailer: Abbr
Run smoothly
Risk mutual destruction, say
Question raised by four squares in this puzzle?
Polish target
Plan for achieving a long-term goal
Person getting up there in years
Part of a workout routine
Noted Warner Bros. toon
Muse invoked in 'Paradise Lost'
Move furtively, in a way
Most nuts
Mean something
Lover boys
Like know-it-alls
Letters on a stamp
Legal hurdle?
Keeping elbows off the table, e.g
It's often rough: Abbr
It's hit with a mallet
Island capital named for a European royal house
How the boat goes down the stream, in a children's song
Highway adjacent to a throughway
Had a 58-Down, e.g
Galena, for one
First, second and third, exactly
Facts and figures
Fabric store purchase
Egg ___
Deserter of a cause
Derek Jeter, for the Yankees
Deplete (of)
Decides one way or the other
Coop material
Common cue
Choreographer's concern
Chattahoochee River city
Be out for a bit?
BART : San Francisco :: ___ : Philadelphia
Astronomers' sightings
Assemble in a field, say
Aesop character
A raised hand might indicate it
A bit sharp, maybe
'y = 2x,' e.g
'The Simpsons' character who wears a bow tie at work
'Madness in great ___ must not unwatch'd go': 'Hamlet'
'Look out!'
'Le Coq ___'

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