New York Times Crossword Answers - Nov 10 2016

___ fighter ('Star Wars' vehicle)
Writer who said 'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well'
Words from the fashionably late
Word rhyming with 'ignore' in 'I Am Woman'
Windy City transportation inits
Wait anxiously
Vowelless interjection
Upscale hotel chain
Tiny information unit
The absolute worst
Taxable amount for an investor
Start of a flat, maybe
Star in Orion
Small step up?
Singer/actress Grande
Record label whose name derives from Greek myth
Reagan confidant
Power ___
Plan to leave shortly?
Part of the 'sum' conjugation
Old ship constellation
No matter how
Netflix activity
National Dog Day Mo
Mixed stock
Marvel Comics villain
Many a Parliament Hill staffer
Locale of the sculpture 'La Bocca della Verità'
Little Caesar in 'Little Caesar'
Lighter side?
Key of Pachelbel's Canon
Jockey with a speeding Citation
Jay's place
Its chimes were the first U.S. registered 'sound mark'
It may require gloves, for short
It has much room to grow
How bedroom furniture is often sold
Hornets and the like
History's ___ Affair
Hero in the Trojan War
Grandpa Walton portrayer
Getting tons of calls
French composer Gabriel
Food item often placed in a stack
Fish whose name is a calculator number turned upside down
Feature of a one-armed bandit
Facility at Quantico
Event with a king and queen
Eastern V.I.P
Dear companion?
Dairy Queen order
Covering the waterfront
Course coda
Counterterrorism org
Compound under control by the Kyoto Protocol
Colorful corn balls
Chances left after Slim left town, in a saying
Boy or Girl follower
Barzini and others, in 'The Godfather'
Ask too many questions, say
Alpha dog
Actress Phylicia
Actor Jon of 'Mad Men'
21-gun salutes, e.g
'Who, me?'
'What greater gift than the love of a ___?': Dickens

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