New York Times Crossword Answers - Oct 7 2016

Yoda, e.g
Wrapper that's hard to remove?
Some Siouans
Some savers' assets
Show impatience with
Sch. whose first building was Dallas Hall
Rhoda's TV mom
Rank below marquis
Quadrant separator
Primary funding sources, briefly
Place to test the water
Photosynthesis opening
Pay termination?
Parts of a flight
Org. whose symbol is an eagle atop a key
Old dummy
Nielsens measure
Mesozoic Era period
Matches, at a table
Marathon champ Pippig
Manicure destroyer
Malady with many 'remedies'
Main hub for Virgin America, for short
Literary hero whose name is Turkish for 'lion'
Legal precedents
Last of a series of nicknames
Lab report?
It's tailored to guys
It's not a welcome sign
Interest of a mycologist
Interest for a cryptozoologist
How garden vegetables may be planted
Hot Wheels garages?
Home of Queen Margrethe II
Harry Potter's father
Group getting its kicks?
Get support from
Get by
Frito-Lay chip
Flock gathering place
First name in architecture
Fancy glasses
Facebook, for one
Facebook and others
Expert savers
Enigma machine decoder Turing
Emerald ___ borer
El Capitan platform
Drinks with domed lids
Developing company?
Constitution Hall grp
Connection concerns, for short
Communication problem?
Billy Crystal's role in 'The Princess Bride'
Bayh of Indiana politics
Alchemist's concoction
2012 Republican National Convention host
'___ serious?'
'Wait, I know that!'
'Toy Story' dino
'Let's do it!'
'I could use some help here ...'
'Caravan of Courage: An ___ Adventure' (1984 'Star Wars' spinoff)

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