New York Times Crossword Answers - Sep 10 2016

What a goose may stand on
Very dark
Two cents' worth
Twisting the knife, say
Trouble getting started
Title for Romulus
The Devil, e.g
Soil scientist's measure
Small lollipops with collectible wrappers
She famously said 'I'm single because I was born that way'
Section of a golf bag
Regional IDs
Rarer than rare
Rapper with the 1995 hit 'I Wish'
Piece of brunch-making equipment
One rarely seen outside its shell?
Object of controversial hunts
Non-PC sort
Noah of 'ER'
Needing guidance
Move very freely
Modern brain-scanning procedure, for short
March Madness conclusion
Like Y's
Like distant stars
Light carriage
Late Jurassic, e.g
Lacking courtesy
Kennedy who won a Medal of Freedom
It's around a foot
It's a natural
Insurance company symbol
In the offing
He played Moe Greene in 'The Godfather'
Grab (onto)
Got smart
Going out with a hot model?
Gentle rising and falling, of a sort
Frustrating exchange
Faucet brand
Exercised control over
Drone base
Currency in 15-Across
Crazy, in a 2010 Shakira hit
Common palindromic text
Comment made with an eye roll
Capital where 'hello' is pronounced 'johm riab sua'
Breakfast offering
Brand once pitched with the slogan 'You're soaking in it'
Block at an airport, perhaps
Batting a thousand, say
Animal whose name is derived from the Latin for 'ghosts'
'No ___!' ('Sure thing!')
'Look who's being catty!'
'If you want to sulk, go right ahead'
'Ha ha, what a dork!'

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