Crossword Answers - Apr 30 2017

Yucatán resort
Wonderland pastries
Winter favorites of many Red Sox fans
Went wrong
Weightlifter's sound
Weeps audibly
Underlying cause
UK lexicon
TURTLE BERTH (debuted 1936)
Truncated wds
TROPHY RATER (debuted 1997)
Trims a lawn
Timely benefits
Thunderstorm sounds
They buy and sell
Tended, with ''for''
Telephone trio
Take along
Sure success
Steady leadership
State one's views
Spots to perch
Soup selection
Sorcerer's activity
Some US missiles
Some sandwiches' exteriors
Slow cooker
Slightly wet
Shoemaker's supply
Sharpened, as skills
Sched. listing
Rip out
REAL ANCHORS (debuted 1933)
Readies produce for shipment, perhaps
Rather heavy British coin
Put up, as a painting
Put a hex on
Puck's Beverly Hills eatery
PSYCHE BARK (debuted 1847)
Prefix for scope
Predatory dolphin
Post-office stamp
Pet pests
Performed superbly
Partially mine
One-episode series star
Okra portions
Not very nice
NL East player
Nary a soul
Narrowly bests
Name on ''Speed'' posters
Mythical weeper
Mythical hunter
Mysterious glow
Moved on ice
More uncommon
More adorable
MOPY PARSNIP (debuted 1934)
Middle of the third century
Make hard to read
Limited-choice question
Less than reputable
Leave yawning
Latino lover's sentiment
Keep bothering
Karate offshoot
It means ''billion''
Indian Ocean nation
In the leading role
Icelanders' ancestors
Hoedown seating
Hoarse voice
Hawthorne house feature
Hawthorne heroine
Have the nerve
Has bought
Had a tantrum
Guy designing billboards
GOODLY HEART (debuted 1900)
Gem from Australia
Garden annoyance
Galileo's hometown
Frequent hangout
For one, informally
FLORAL NEWS (debuted 1904)
FLAGSHIP EGO (debuted 1873)
Fire-breathing bosses
Far East temple
Emphatic denial
Dress fussily
Dreamed (up)
Deserve to get
Defensive ditches
December songs
Dairy sound
Covert complication
Composer Bacharach
CIA headquarters
Checks with the office
Certain long-term investments
Cavalry ride
Camera lens setting
Bygone birds
Buy or sell
Bring charges against
Bowling center assignments
Blanc of cartoon fame
Black waterbirds
Big-eyed baby bird
Biblical excerpts
Baseball card letters
Aquatic lung
American soccer great
AIRY DRAGON (debuted 1890)
Actor __ Patrick Harris
ABOVE MY ARM (debuted 1856)
72 Across celebration
2016 Olympics locale
''Hurry it up!''
''Darn it!''
''Brady Bunch'' trio

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