Crossword Answers - May 20 2017

__ Harper Lee
__ Central (FSU student website)
Youngest French Open champ
Word from Old French for ''waiting place''
Witness, once
Wine __
Wild ride
Whom Namath first played for professionally
When ''Truth or Consequences'' debuted
What a sculptor might hold
Vital info for connections
Very sharp, most likely
Unlikely to be hurt by
Transporter of scraps
Traditional Japanese entertainment
Third-largest city in the Americas
Subject of the 1998 book ''Tainting Evidence''
Start of some English kingly names
Soon to have a turned-up nose
Some dinar spenders
Small-town suffix
Seat first made of stone
Sacks, steals, or saves
Retro show of support
Response to an accusation
Partridge family member
Part of some shampoos
One's bag
One with good core knowledge
Not laid up
Meter leader
Measure of flight capacity
Luxury of time?
Line producer
Lincoln Center benefactor
Its last revolution was in 2001
It holds a marathoner's number
Impresario who brought the Bolshoi to America
Impair impartiality
Host of ''World's Craziest Fools''
Honolulu Harbor's __ Tower
High to the left?
Henry VIII in ''The Other Boleyn Girl''
Greeting often followed by a predicament
Film viewer of a sort
Extract with care
Exobiology activity acronym
Evidence of shyness?
Crying indicator
Crop dusting, for instance
Contract category
Common cruise-line lineup
Charcoal pieces, e.g
Certain lodge member
Call for a wrap, say
Calabrian contraction
Beat big-time
Aural comforter
Argentine sports daily
Antonym of ''singular''
Al's sister in three films
Adverb on grocery flyers
''__ is the moon and bright'': Keats
''If I Only Had a Brain'' verb
''Crisantemo'' or ''rosa''

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