Crossword Answers - May 21 2017

__ fides (credentials)
You love: Lat
Wright's architectural style
Work at
Wonton kin
Winter hat extension
Willing to try
William Piper contemporary
United Steelworkers' affiliation
Treated, as acidic soil
Transparent, as ponds
Trans-Canada Hwy. measures
Top players
Three-legged stand
Tavern tribute
Sweet drinks
Storage units of a sort
State song of Kansas
Some of the earliest Web browsers
Some early PCs
Solid and sturdy, as some counters
Small town
Sleek, for short
Shakespearean schemer
Serious questioner
Sedan, for one
Second Green Gables novel
Scanned bars
Scandinavian capital
Scan, as bars
RPM gauge
Roping event
Road repair material
Replay speed, for short
Recycling candidate
Recipe amt
Racing-form listings
Quarterback's setback
Puts out some Z's
Provide gear for
Proofs of age
Previously stated
Prefix meaning ''flow''
Prefix for body
Possibly pedigreed pet
Pastel shade
Part of a wintry mix
Paella morsel
Overhaul, as a lawn
Oriole cousins
One-million link
Not oneself
Noodles with tofu
New hire, often
Moray, for instance
Minimal-power computer mode
Mild oath
Marvel superheroes
Marks, as some boxes
March-to-November hrs
Magic potion
Lei giver's greeting
Least forthcoming
Lava source
Lasting mark
Kiowa or Comanche
Jeweler's magnifier
Janet Yellen's deg
IRS 123 Down
Infield cover
In braids
Improve by editing
Hole for coins
Henry Higgins creator
Have something
Hard feelings
Half of dodeca-
Grilling candidate
Green refuges
Grain bundle
Glide downhill
Getz of jazz
Get on peacefully
Genesis twin
Galley gear
French article
Formerly possessive dairy brand
First-year Cooperstown inductee
Film excerpt
Family nickname
Familiar sound
Exchanges from 98 Down
Erstwhile Atlantic crosser
Eddie Bauer competitor
Earth tone
During which, in Devon
Drapery, essentially
Dough or bread
Director Lee
Curt affirmation
Cuban coin
Cranky one
Country singer Evans
Contented sound
Conductor Georg
Closer to 81 Down
Classified ad listing
Check for fit
Certain singers
Center of worship
Celebratory suffix
Cause of some wild weather
Casual footwear
Casts aside
Cast figures
Cannons on wheels
Bungle, with ''up''
Boxer's delivery
Born yesterday
Boot-camp driller
Bet first
Barnyard beasts
Aussie reptile
Any of the Simpsons
Angelic, in a way
Accept gladly
Absorb, with ''up''
''The Daily Show'' host
''Rule, Britannia!'' composer
''I'd be glad to''
''Fresh and local'' produce descriptor
''Beetle Bailey'' dog
''60 Minutes'' reporter

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