Crossword Answers - Sep 16 2016

Working out, say
Wombat cousin
Where to get dates
Where Mt. Hood is
Vet's ''fruit salad''
Unoriginal ones
Typeface like Verdana
Traditional pickle place
Subbed (for)
Springy Summer Olympics thing
Springy playroom thing
Springy living-room thing
Springy birthday-party thing
Sousa or smart follower
Small buzzer
Sketcher's need
Shingle letters
Sets aside
Revolting activity
Resort near Park City
Reminder to repay
Prepared, as a press
Powered chute
Popular pub promotion
Philosopher Kierkegaard
Pen for sheep
Particular period
Partial to
Owner's manual info
Old-time oath
Novelist Shirley __ Grau
NL East team
Nintendo's GameCube successor
Neutral vowel sounds
Name that means ''king''
Lopsided competition
Like lanolin
Letter that sounds like a swath of seats
Inconclusive end
Hinduism causality concept
High spot
Hector or harry
He often batted after the Babe
Hayek's artist role
Hacker's coup
Grimm character
French film
Fishing venues
First recorded animal shelter
Find attractive about
Eon divisions, in geology
Enforcement power, so to speak
Drain feature
Dos menos que tres
Did laps, perhaps
Detroit-based org
Destructive water
Decides not to strike
Case workers
Called out
British spa city
Brewpub designation
Ask in earnest
Antonym of ''taper''
And such, for short
Affect detrimentally
''Wall Street Journal'' cofounder
''Quit stalling!''
''I Hate __'' (''Kiss Me, Kate'' tune)
''Be on the lookout'' message

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