Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Oct 15 2016 - Nice Round Numbers

___ Kringle
You might get down from them
Yelp posting
White House reporter Helen Thomas's longtime employer
Was out in front
Vessel with a spigot
Took the junk out, perhaps
They might produce scoops
They may be decorated
Tarot suit
Take to one's heels
Sussex sip
Something hard to come by on Fifth Avenue on St. Patrick's Day?
Some TVs
Some royal affairs?
Solemn stands
Slam participants
Series in which Gary Sinise played Mac Taylor
Seattle-to-San Diego dir
School subj
Rid of snow, perhaps
Result of a successful pitch
Rescinding of a contract put out on an informant?
Ready to run
Rare answers from toadies
Ranch alternative
Ramshackle roadster
Quarterback Boomer
Put away
Present from birth
Portland setting
Portland setting
Porterhouse's kin
Philosophy principles
Person in need of a lift
Paperless publications
Owner of las Islas Canarias
Ovid's '___ Amatoria'
Onetime auto-financing co
Odometer increments
Ode title starter
Objects of anxiety
Numerical prefix
Not fer
Northern end of the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge
Noddies, e.g
Muffles, as sounds
More promising
Mkt. measured by the Nikkei index
Military control, informally
Metric prefix meaning 'trillionth'
Medium for most NPR stations
Mayo and marmalade
Mason's need
Mark for an 88
Lurker's plan
Long in the movies
Lingo that you don't need to pay for?
Like warthogs and wildebeests
Like the girl from Ipanema
Like some combat and views
Like a No Passing Zone sign's shape
Less trusting
Lease term, often
Kid trading his Lego set for more valuable toys?
KFC extra
Key for canceling
It might have four legs
Indication of things to come
Image on a Canadian dollar coin
Ignominious flop
He's toast
Has a palliative effect on
H.S. elite
Guinea fowl's cousin
Gift from Mom and Pop
Gift for a lucky graduate
General assemblies?
Game show announcer Johnny
Flanged beam
First choice for conducting your wedding?
Fabrizi of 1945's 'Rome, Open City'
Everglades Day event?
Emulates Icarus
Eastern events
Diana of 'I Married a Woman'
Desiccating agents
Dentist's directive
Craftsmen's association
County named for the first president of the Republic of Texas
Constitution opener
Clearasil target
Clean out a bed
Chip enhancer
Chinese spice with a flavor like licorice
Chart model
Cell messenger
Catch participant, perhaps
Cartoon Chihuahua
Broadway debut of April 1968
Brigitte's buddies
Blood count?
Bix Beiderbecke's instrument
Belly laugh sound
Barista's creations
Bare minimum
Back muscle, briefly
Arty New Mexico community
Artist who advocated the 'assassination of painting'
Aromatherapy locale
Antigone is spelled with two
Annoyance for online gamers
Analyst's interest
Airfare add-on
'___ Wrong' (2014 #4 song by Nico & Vinz)
'You're on!'
'The Man in the Iron Mask' character
'The Graduate' girl
'Look!' in Las Palmas

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