The Washington Post Crossword Answers - Dec 21 2016

Worse than fair
Word before doctor or cycle
Wintry weather map feature
Traps by trawling
Torch wielders in 'Frankenstein'
Tokyo-based automaker
Toddler's taboos
They're made by maids
Tetley alternative
Symbol of slipperiness
Stooge's pie target
Stem-to-stern piece
Sound in a 'Star Wars' shoot-out
Shakespearean advisor-turned-adversary
Shake up
Rock-crushing contraption
Puts on notice
Pull the fuse from, perhaps
Progressive commercial character
Portable player since 2001
Per unit
PA system components
Oldest of the Three Musketeers
Okefenokee growth
Mouselike worm eaters
Monster in Tolkien tales
Major setback
Made like a model
Like some eclipses
Layered haircut
Just around the corner
It can be bellied up to
Invite through the doorway
Hungarian composer Béla
Hierarchy level
Herb in many stuffings
Heads-up from the head office
He sells Squishees to Bart
Harsh quality
Hardly any
Grind together
Grasp of what's going on
Go like the Road Runner
Garfield's predecessor
Fuming feeling
Fudge the facts
Freshly honed
Foolish types
Flared dress style
Figure skating team
Far from flabby
Evens out
Driver's license datum
Doomed Genesis shepherd
Do some branch management?
Disapproving syllables
Dip, as a doughnut
Daring beachwear
Core idea
Complies with the commands of
Colloquial carefree guy
Coil on a fire truck
Classic Latin reproach
Certain pinochle scores
Calf-length trousers
Biceps, slangily
Backstage clashers, perhaps
1958 Pulitzer winner James
'___ Teen Hunger Force' (Cartoon Network series)
'___ it obvious?'
'You've got mail' ISP
'Thriller' singer, in tabloids
'The Hunt for Red October' device
'That's my cue!'
'That did the trick!'
'Beetle Bailey' vehicle

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