The Washington Post Crossword Answers - Dec 8 2016

Very little
Unlawfully pressured
Trolley sounds, in 'Meet Me in St. Louis'
Tinseltown industry
Thunderbird fancier, perhaps
Tetra- times two
Teenage infatuation
Taoism founder
Taj ___
Staying power
Sporty '60s Pontiac
Smelly-sounding Central European river
Skeletons in one's closet
Skate, for example
Shower attention (on)
Secretariat, in retirement
Scruffy part of the body?
Public school that's an eponym for a collar style
Professional org. that supported the passage of Obamacare
Postings at LAX
Popular Mercedes-Benz line
Poetic words of praise
Part of the PTA (abbr.)
Org. for RVers
Nonsense syllables preceding '-di' or '-da' in a Beatles song
New Agey glow
Music icon Bob who wrote the song suggested by the starts of this puzzle's theme entries
Mischievous Norse god
Millennium Falcon pilot
Marx, Malone, or Malden
Man-to-man alternative, defensively
Livens (up)
Later, maybe
Las Vegas casino magnate Steve
Kids' alphabetic clapping game
Island chain?
Greek goddess of the rainbow
Grandchild of Eve
From ___ (running the gamut)
Former TV news anchor Paula
Flush, and then some
Fifth book of the New Testament
Fido's collar attachment, briefly
Feature of a mallard's foot
Facebook endorsement mechanism
Exposes, in a way
Eat away at
Drug smuggler's unit
Defamatory remark
Crustaceans prized for their claws
Crunchy diner sandwiches, familiarly
Counts' British equivalents
City on Puget Sound
City of song where Dionne Warwick hoped 'to find some peace of mind'
Budget alternative
Bones parallel to radii
Blood's sworn enemy
Big Ben, for one
Biblical figure with a salty wife
Believability on the street
Bacterium that gets bad PR during some food recalls
Affect emotionally
'___ & the Women' (2000 Richard Gere movie)
'The Equalizer' star Washington
'Shop ___ you drop!'
'Great' body of water responsible for much New York lake-effect snow
'Frasier' character played by Moose

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