The Washington Post Crossword Answers - Jan 13 2017

Type of insurance
Two-time Masters champ Ben
Try to convince
Trigger on a trap
Touched down
Time and again, in verse
There's usually one for the principal
Strong desires
Spot to drop off on a ship
Spending limit
Slap the cuffs on
Reference containing insets
Receiving customers
Rapid rail transport
Psyched up
Pickle preference
Paul Anka's 'Eso ___'
One side of a defunct wall
On the dot
Occasion for a card, for short
Nautical spine
Nastase of tennis
N'awlins subs
Mo. that honors veterans
Media event featuring a cop and an arrested suspect
Made off with
List shortener
Kudrow of 'Friends'
Items made of precious metals and natural gemstones
It may be forwarded
Iranian language
Institution featured in 'The Breakfast Club'
In spite of that
Hypoallergenic makeup brand
Holiday Inn alternative
GPS readings
Golfer's selection
Go one better than
Gets closer to
Get to one's feet
Garage job
Frozen drink brand
French stars
Former California fort
Flat substitute
Fixated captain of fiction
Fed. division responsible for law enforcement
Do once worn by Michael Jackson
Disdainful chorus from the bleachers
Depended (on)
Daring exploit
Cursory look
Courses that are hard to fail
County Kerry's isle
Clip or cave follower
City south of Gainesville
Casey Jones, for one
Car wash challenge
Calico coat
Boorish sort
Bleacher bum, e.g
Be on the fence
Baseball VIPs
Avian cry
Apple messaging program
Alley ___
Addressee on some postal deliveries
'That's not true!'
'My word!'
'Game of Thrones' network
'Carmen' showstopper
'Carmen' or 'Elektra'

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