USA Today Crossword Answers - Apr 19 2017

Word of regret
Wolf's warning
What a tieback may tie back
Urgent appeal to the Coast Guard
Up to this moment
Unable to throw strikes
Twist the arm of
Trunk outgrowth
Topping for some sushi
Took part in the Tour de France
Theater sign with red letters
Straggler's position
Stand the ravages of time
Stadium demolished in 2009
Spongy mushroom
Sounds from pounds
Sorted, as eggs
Simple sort of question
Shows the way
Savory jelly
Rock group's boosters
Really gross
Really get to
Pupil of Socrates
Pottery fragment
Paperless exams
Organ that stores bile
Ooze, as charm
Oktoberfest group
Not at all lopsided
Nestling's noise
Mythical temptress
Movie double's feat
Marriage or graduation
Mannerly man
Line-winding gadget
Like Dixieland tunes
Like Bart, to Lisa or Maggie
Kick off
Just slightly
Invention's origin
Industrial mogul
In poor taste
In a noble manner
God with an eight-legged horse
Get exactly right
Friendly peck
Franc's replacement
Feast with hula dancers
Fantasy author's creation
Fan club's focus
Elegant in manner
DVD player companion
Downey of 'Touched by an Angel'
Discounted by
Decadent emperor of Rome
Cruz, 'the Queen of Salsa'
Consolation prize recipient
Colleague of 51-Across
Charismatic glow
Caramel-filled Hershey's brand
Bret who created Poker Flat
Be in accord
Base of operations
Attendance sheet notation
Atlas statistics
Assist in crime
Andrews of 'Dancing With the Stars'
Act the chauffeur
Abductors, in tabloids
'We Have the Meats,' e.g
'We Have the Meats' chain
'Star Trek' engineer, informally
'Jeopardy!' phenom Jennings
'CSI' evidence analyzer
'60 Minutes' sound effect

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