USA Today Crossword Answers - Feb 8 2017

Without peer
Weight-and-fortune cost, once
Walk like a tosspot
Up to the task
Two caplets, say
Twill fabric
Try to block
Trump catchword
Tissue layers
There's one garaged in 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Sunflower yield
Stage offerings
Spring bloomer
Speck of dust
Some Christmas candies
Smokehouse items
Sahara stopover
Rudely abrupt
Respond to reveille
Repeated word for word
Relinquish by treaty
Religious offshoot
Raring to go
Pull an all-nighter, perhaps
Prowling urban feline
Price of admission
Prepare for a concert
Potpie morsels
Potato sprout
Particle in a salt solution
Outdoor dining spot
Opera highlight
Number on a tag
Nautical greeting
Mountain goat's perch
Model in a bottle
Miscalculate or misspeak
Make jubilant
Make impure
Lying facedown
Like a string bikini
Light-refracting device
Lavatory sign
Island near Curacao
Inventor's spark
Impervious to hackers
His and ___
Hint of color
Grouchy sorts
Gripper on an assembly line
Frame for a church window, perhaps
Flea, to a dog
Feature of many Cape Cods
End-of-list abbr
Eastwood of Dirty Harry movies
Dorothy Gale's state
Diviner's deck
Disneyland hat pair
Commuter's expense
Common Easter gift
Commodore Perry's lake
Cloak-and-dagger org
Clay figurines, e.g
Bit of salon litter
Before surgery, informally
Baking potatoes
Backfire noise
Arctic hazard
Any of the Bahamas
Airport shuttle
Abbr. similar to 8-Down
'We've got a problem'
'Sister Act' extras
'No talking!'
'Inside the Third Reich' author
'Chi-Raq' director
'Can't argue with that'

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