USA Today Crossword Answers - Jan 11 2017

___ Pie (frozen treat)
Wordsworth work
Wise actor William?
What you're trying to do now
Tusker in a Beatles title
Trotsky of the Red Army
Toppers for RuPaul
Tech support callers
Stagnation in the milling industry?
Spots in the sea
Sound judgment
Sitcom Marine Gomer
Silver or salt source
Shopping venue
Shelf occupant of kid-lit
Seamster's line
Schumer of Comedy Central
Said further
Russo of 'The Intern'
Reagan ex Wyman
Ran in the laundry
Pupil of Socrates
Problem-free state
Poker variation
Performing brilliantly
PC 'cancel' command
Onetime ballpark promotion
Mountain road section
Most forward fellow?
Monkey's place, in a kid's game
Maryland's state bird is one
Mark over some Spanish n's
Leprechauns' dances
LeBlanc of 'Friends'
Lawn-patching material
Husky-drawn vehicle
Gym game, informally
Guitar innovator Paul
Gridlock noisemaker
Greedy monarch of myth
Grand ___ Opry
Grain storage site
Google Earth graphic
Glaze over in winter
Gave a hand to
Garment size
Fifth-century attacker of Gaul
Fiery gemstone
Description of the flavor of blue cheese?
Cropped up
Creature in Petco's logo
Common garden statue
Colon or semicolon, in emoticons
Cocoa vessel
Cloned units
Chomped on
Cheap smokes
Causes of slicks
Carry with effort
Caribou cousin
Campfire remnant
Calvin of fashion
Bring to a halt
Belfry locales
Beelzebub's handiwork
Bald spot concealer
Author whose verses inspired 'Cats'
Apple's 'jukebox'
Amused oneself (with)
Alan of 'Bridge of Spies'
Adolescent's woe
A judge may hold you in this
1999 Exxon merger partner
14-Across, for one
'Well, fancy ___!'

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