USA Today Crossword Answers - Jan 12 2017

Working with a lathe, say
Word after teen or matinee
What beatniks beat
Waiting area
Visibly terrified
Turned a deaf ear to
Tire pressure meas
Times Square's Manhattan locale
Ticked off
Swimmer's unit
Stroke gently
Source of roe
Source of pressure, maybe
Shoe sole attachments
Saw with the grain
Salt Lake City collegians
Rural skyline sight
Ride a winning streak
Recipe direction
Raggedy doll
Puccini pieces
Prince of Darkness
Peyton's quarterback brother
Pelted on Halloween
Pageant crown
Ostrich cousin
Org. with many 7-footers
Org. with HQ named for George Bush
Org. with a Tour
Org. that banned DDT
Org. that arrested O.J
On the ball
Old timer?
Most sleazy
Marquee gas
Marlon's 'The Godfather' role
Man of many morals
Lucy Ricardo, to Ethel Mertz
Low point
Light as a feather
Lens holders
Lego brand for toddlers
La Brea goo
Kilmer of 'The Doors'
Keystone State eponym
It's a thought
Involves by necessity
In the loop about
Half an iPod pair
Gymnast Comaneci
Goldilocks sat in his chair
Gawk at
Flood controller
First name in TV talk
Fight site
Eye medicine units
English cathedral site
Endure a penalty, in board games
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
Drive to nowhere in particular
Did a marathon
Deli bread
Cub Scout group
Crystal-lined rock
Ceremonial splendor
Casaba or Crenshaw
Campaign highlight
By means of
Aromatherapy spot
Andrew Wyeth's model
Affiliation of DDE and RMN
2016 Literature Nobelist
2-BR listing, maybe
.jpg or .gif file contents
'___ we there yet?'
'Not to mention . . .'

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