USA Today Crossword Answers - May 15 2017

Wield authority
Where many all-nighters are pulled
Wasn't kidding about
Walk like Jessica Rabbit
Venue for cash-based commodity trading
Two-thumbs-down reviews
Tosses in
Too smooth-talking
Swings in the breeze
Sorrowful word
Snakes on Egyptian artifacts
Sign up to serve
Salad servers
Ruffle the feathers of
Rockies resort town
Riverbank romper
Ring exchange locale
Proves helpful
Product tapped from birches
Prescription drug taker's risk
Pound a Selectric
Potter's material
Piece involved in castling
Pest caught in a 'motel'
Partner of fortune
One may be thrown from a horse
One in four face cards
On a whale-watching tour, say
Of the same family
Number of Astros World Series wins
Needing tidying
Movie with 'the Force'
More precious
Marked, as a ballot
Mangoes are high in this sugar
Mailroom gadget
Lowers with a rheostat
Javelin trajectories
Home to subterranean rats
Home for a pet rabbit
High-flying elite
Have down cold
Guest of the Mad Hatter
Grab some shut-eye
Gossipy sort
Golden acquisition for Indiana Jones
Gain a 12-Down on
Futures dealer?
Fur coat-defacing org
Frying pan residue
First word in 'Scarborough Fair'
Finger-pointer's pronoun
Facebook approvals
Etsy wares
End the business day
End of a lame pickup line
Embassy staffer
Drink with a polar bear mascot
Devoted, like many 50-Across
Demander of a bedtime story
Delivering wisecracks
Defeat by a whisker
Components of scorpion venom
Chick's home
Charge toward
Blow from Moe
Bleacherites, e.g
Bend the truth
Behrs of '2 Broke Girls'
Autumn bloomer
ATF agents, e.g
Apple debut of 1998
Alternative word
Action movie firearm
20-Across princess
'This Kiss' country singer
'Scram, kitty!'
'I've got the answer!'

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