USA Today Crossword Answers - May 17 2017

___-loading (pre-marathon diet regimen)
Yuri's portrayer in 'Doctor Zhivago'
Yemeni city once part of British India
Write hastily
Word in many New Year's resolutions
Woodshed tool
With 33-Across, Macaulay Culkin comedy
Weapons with touch sensors
Way out there
Voicemail units
Vocal inflection
Veil-clad dancer of scripture
Veggie burger ingredient
Urban sunbather's spot
Tramp's cartoon love
Tangle removers
Susan B. Anthony's goal
Stash overhead
Sourdoughs' strikes
Solder or pewter
Small-screen statuette
Slow-pitch softball complement
Senate staffer
Selling like gangbusters
Self-motivated sort
See 48-Down
Running back's attempt
Risked a perjury rap
Rhames who played Kojak
Reason to get stitches
Put an end to
Protectors at skateparks
Printer's backup equipment?
Politician's slip-up
Playground time
Plastic surgeries undergone by Michael Jackson
Particles in rechargeable batteries
Optometrist's concern
On behalf of
O'Connor's successor on the Supreme Court
No longer fizzy
News bit
Mark above some n's, in Spanish
Many Christmas tree ornaments
Manifest Destiny expansion direction
Makes a cardigan
Lowest Monopoly roll
Littleneck or cherrystone
Leapers in a Christmas carol
Leaper on a dog
Kate's 'Titanic' costar
Judges, as a golf green
Issue often in dispute on 'The Jerry Springer Show'
Iams competitor
Hybrid Chevys
Hot rum drink
Golden Rule word
Go back, on a PC
Give up, as territory
Extended vacation?
Expert, as in fashion
Disinfectant's targets
Device also called a rocket belt
Cute part of a bug, in a saying
Cuisine with sticky rice
Craigslist entries
Check for proof of age
Cascades peak
Bored with life
Blowgun missile
Beauty contestant's asset?
Approach the terminal
'The Show,' in baseball
'Jealous' singer Nick
'Chicken Run' enclosure
'As you ___' (military command)
'And others,' briefly

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