USA Today Crossword Answers - May 18 2017

Word before Luck or Gaga
Whole bunch
White-tie affairs
Went into a losing streak
Wedding memento
Watts of 'The Impossible'
Warrior Dash, for one
Voracious, like a reader
Vision correction surgery
Town square figure, perhaps
Toot one's own horn
Toon skunk Le Pew
They're run up in bars
Texter's 'If you ask me . . .'
Stockbroker's advice, perhaps
Starting from
Society with vassals and fiefs
Score before a service break, perhaps
Sch. near Harvard
Rod of 'The Twilight Zone'
River to the Caspian Sea
Right-hand person
Polygon measure
Poker variety
Place for a rest cure
Off the sauce
Murray with two Olympic golds in tennis
More peeved
Master of a 24-Down
Magma, after surfacing
Longtime dance partner of Fonteyn
Like the noble elements
Like Maine's Sen. Angus King
Like 'The Twilight Zone' episodes
Leadership org. for females
Leader of the Lost Boys
Kitchen utensils buy
Kitchen or car wash need
Just sitting around
Jackie O's man, in headlines
In ___ of (replacing)
Home foreclosure, for short
Hit the roof
Ham and Swiss holder
Galileo's birthplace
French automaker with a lion logo
Ford a shallow river, say
First name in late-night TV
Finder's reward
Figure skater's maneuver
Ferry destination, perhaps
Fate, informally
Down in the dumps
Dowdy sort
Dot on a radar screen
Dive like an eagle
Diamonds, slangily
Designer of an eponymous tower
Decrease the word count, say
Dada pioneer Jean
Costa del ___
Concerning, on a memo
Comics caveman Alley
Clint Eastwood's role on 'Rawhide'
Church recess
Christmas carol starter
Chit left in a pot
Cause of a free throw, often
Capital Down Under
Be wild about
BART part
Art Nouveau piece with a glass shade
Anheuser-Busch, to the Super Bowl
Analyzes, as ore
Admit guilt, with 'up'
'Thank Heaven for Little Girls' musical
'I did it!'
'A Natural Man' singer Lou

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