USA Today Crossword Answers - Oct 5 2016

___ out (barely make)
Zoning unit, maybe
Work of art that imitates the style of another
Words of compassion
Well contents of old
Took one's leave
Took off on
To-do list items
Taxpayer's dread
Summoned, as a butler
Stretch across
Sometimes-padded undergarment
Slam ___ (basketball move)
Skirt fold
Simple Lionel layout
Sign up to serve
Said '#@$%!'
Run ___ (go berserk)
Run in the wash
River to the Caspian Sea
Rides the bench
Red or Dead
Racehorse's father
Puzzle with a quotation
Pressure-packed period
PreCheck org
Poor, as excuses go
Place for a T-bone
Pitted salad morsel
Photograph spoiler, perhaps
Off-white shade
Nielsen of 'Mr. Magoo'
Neglect, as duties
Mr. Potato Head piece
Moistened in the oven
Low men at the opera
Line of work
Like Willie Nelson's voice
Levi's material
Laundromat buy
Kennedy matriarch
Jim who sang 'I Got a Name'
Italian wine area
Insult, slangily
India ___ ale
Hoofbeat sound
Home with a dome
Hindu sage
Guinness serving
Grey who wrote of the Old West
Grant of Christian music
Full of oneself
Ford model of the 1960s-'80s
Foch of 'Spartacus'
Fare increase
Eggs ___ Suisse
Down in the dumps
Diva's highlight
Closely related
Clarinetist Artie
British racing site
Brings up, as young
Bowling alley buttons
Boots an easy one
Barbara who played Jeannie
ATM maker
Athletic competition for the disabled
And more (Abbr.)
All wired up
2016 Olympics locale
'Veep' channel
'That's one small step . . .' event
'Quaking' tree
'Benevolent' lodge member
'Ars Amatoria' poet

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