Universal Crossword Answers - Dec 9 2016

___ Aviv
Words of negativity
Words after 'step' or 'Wanna bet'
When leaves leave
Vino region
Type of wooden shoe
Try again from the start
Tribesman with the most pull
Tree part
Traveler's rest
Thunderstorm product
Their year was only 260 days
Suffered a deep cut
Sts. relatives
Some scarves, coats or sweaters
Skin opposite, in sports
Shared deep feelings
Responds to massive applause
Potential frat member
Poe subject
Place for a natural mud bath
Part of a long race
Onetime U.S. capital
One-fifth of any limerick
One in deep thought
Old-style computer screen
Notice at a distance
Not the originals
Nonlethal shooter
Needing directions
More than a nonconformist
Like Santa's suit on Christmas day
Letters summoned by a 911 call
Letter adornments
Jellied marine delicacy
It can be cast off in a flick
Is possessive?
Insects on hills
Incentives, essentially
Ice cream scoop holder
Get one's money's worth out of
Get off the deck
Foolish strategy (Part 3)
Foolish strategy (Part 2)
Foolish strategy (Part 1)
Far less trusting
Extinct nitwit?
Enjoy the taste of
Elusive Himalayan creature
Diwali celebrators
Dissolute man in fashionable society
Didn't waste a meal
Decimal system name
Court plea, sometimes
Con artist's doings
Cellular stuff
Boxing legend
Bird's bill
Binding proclamations
Big name in oil
Before, before
Be welcomed in
Bad way to be profiled
Architectural wall support
Apostle Paul, previously
Always, to a poet
Abbr. for a list of names
'___ pocus'
'___ in victory' (alphabet lesson)
'Ready when you ___!'
'My Name Is ___' (sitcom title)
'Heads up!' and the like
'Go, home team!'
'CSI: Miami' star David

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