Universal Crossword Answers - Jan 10 2017

___-cochere (covered driveway)
Word processing error
Without anyone else
With mouth hanging open in shock
Waste-maker of an adage
Voice in a quartet
Vamp played by Susan Lucci
Vacation destination of daydreams
Tropical trees that yield chocolate
Treats dogs dig?
Tractor-trailer, informally
They have their day in May
Speedometer, for one
Sonnet part
Scotch product
Runs through with a bayonet
Rock bottom
Rising agent in a bakery
Rightfully earned a ticket
Ricardo Montalban's film role in 'Star Trek'
Redbone, Uris or Spinks
Place to hear a lecture
Pilot's guess
Old phone feature
Not on the level?
Movie monster of the 1950s
Move like a hummingbird
Major religion
Lowermost ship deck
Loam deposited by the wind
Length x width, for rectangles
Kindly endorsement and guidance
Keyed instrument
Italian food staple
It's bigger than a quiz
Iota preceder
Impractical dreamer
Hoists a weight
Hardly exciting
Grp. that raids
Features of all golf courses
Eye drops for an unhappy camper
Enjoyed oneself immensely
English cattle breed
Do away with chalk
Destination for Marco Polo
Deliver a falsehood
Cookout treats on sticks
Completely docile and harmless
Colored part of the eye
Certain Eastern European
Bosnian, e.g
Boil inside?
Blows a line on stage, e.g
Bird beak
Bills and coins
Big Turkish title
Belonging to times long past
Beginning of an attack?
Attire in the old Roman Senate
Aphrodite's lover
Any Londoner
Abbr. on a driver's license
'___ you kidding me?'
'___ Miner's Daughter'
'___ Heroes' (old TV sitcom)
'___ Bridges' (TV show)
'Young Frankenstein' role
'Peter Pan' dog
'Permit Me Voyage' author James
'Oh, dear me!'
'I agree, pastor'
'And so on'

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