Universal Crossword Answers - Mar 18 2017

Word of approval
Word hissed to an attack dog
Votes in favor
Uncomfortable and squirming
Thing for a lawyer to study
They rise in surprise
They may be stripped by new drivers
They feature big pork bellies
They facilitate ins and outs
They chase human varmints
Start of an old-fashioned magician's phrase
Spaghetti complement
Soothing balm
Some fairy-tale creatures
Small, fatty, pinkish salmon (var.)
Shoots with a sci-fi weapon
See 46-Across
San Antonio pro
Reptilian nickname
Red Sea nation of 25 million
Put to work
Prototype detail, informally
Pirate's treasure container
Performing couple
Pass on, as a baton
Opposite of host
One whose goose is most certainly cooked
One of a lot on a lot
Off-white shade
Not prerecorded
Not even close to conventional
Neighborhood or general vicinity
Mysterious creature of the Himalayas
Misspelled NFL matchup?
Misspelled Don Henley song
Misspelled Burns/Matthau film
Many spouses
Lying on one's back
Loan shark's interest
Like a complete 0-0-0 baseball game
Kind of saxophone or clef
It makes a pupil work
It can be written off in April
Insect stage
Home for a little queen
Henry VIII's Catherine
Gather over time, as interest
Feminine pronoun
Don Draper, e.g
Distress signal
Disrespectful talk
Disreputable woman
Deli order, sometimes
Decorative sewing kit
Declare solemnly
Dark-colored food fish
Courtroom attention-getting shout
Couple in Mexico?
Cookie brand
Common winter wear
Collection of miscellaneous things
Clumsy galoots
Certain storage structure on a farm
Boots out
Bachelorette no more
Audience's joyful shout
Achy spots
'___ porridge hot ...'
'This ___ hurt a bit'
'How Great ___ Art'

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