Universal Crossword Answers - May 18 2017

Workbench item
White heron
Wedding words
Two-tone treat
Tucked in for the night
The 62 of Saturn
Take to court
Suffix with 'cold' or 'warm'
Subject of daily reporting
Strong quest for new members
Store cremated remains in a vase
St. Petersburg-to-Orlando dir
Southwestern elevation
Some trail mix ingredients
Some spa applications
Snake's poison
Smartly sneaky
Small salamander
Sign into law
Shoe bottoms
Seven, on some clocks
Senior group members
Send out, as radio waves
Seething with rage
SEALAB inhabitant
Professional's charge
Pressing agent
Prefix meaning 'new'
Person who has been scammed
Opposite of 'Yeah!'
Old Faithful locale
Not uniform or level
Mental spark
Maybe 25 percent of a gallop
Loco place for bats?
Last century's 'Oh, my!'
Known the world over
Killer whale
It's shafted on purpose
It's constantly in one's mouth
Idiotic mistake
Hospital employee
Hobnobs among guests
Hindu dress
Hawaiian greeting
Happening thing
Fundamental change in basic concepts
Fragrant light purple flower
Filled up, as a ship
Feminine pronoun
Expected in
Dreamy sleep stage
Drake relative
Darkens from the sun
Cup of the yachting world
Cover for traffic
Classical column style
Chemistry subjects
Certain young bird of prey
Cause partner
Busy place in Norway
Boxing legend Ali
Biblical sanctuary
At full speed, on the high seas
Any single apartment, to a super
Ambulance initials
Always used by Shakespeare?
'Will they ___ learn?'
'This ___ war!'
'Psych' finale
'I called it first!'

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