Universal Crossword Answers - May 19 2017

With very little effort
Whimper like a baby
Wedding place
Valuable violin, briefly
Uninhibited art class subject
Twirl down the drain
Turned ashen
Thing that can be worshiped falsely
Thing passed from parent to child
Test a weight by lifting
Terrell Suggs, for one
Take a break
Suppose without proof
State of agitated irritation
Something the devil cheers
Something a paramedic checks
Slithery fish
Short-tailed wildcat
Short note from the boss
Senator's assistant
Sandler of films
Rework text
Rabbitlike rodents
Prefix of some skincare brands
Place for many grills
Pastoral verse
Old snowman accessory
Offensively curious
Nail-file material
Muddy enclosure
Miscellaneous mixture
Like some lectures
Like places that give cartographers headaches
Like many signers
Like exposed, week-old bread
Lambs' mommies
Jog relative
Irish county or seaport
Insurance broker
Indian royal
How some like their gumbo or shrimp
Hardly secret
Had some debts
Group of nine
Greek war god
Grabs a snack
Give in to the sun, as snow
Gets bent out of shape
Forward part of a ship
First lady
Features of unappetizing oatmeal
Family get-togethers
Eye section
Decreases in strength
Dangerous African fly
Creepy plant?
Courteney of 'Friends'
Colonize over again
Cold, dry wind across Europe
Caustic drain-clearing chemical
Cards with the most pips
Bus schedule word
Bump on an eyelid
Boat's pronoun
Band's gig divisions
Attachment to 'walk' or 'trade'
Amazon is one
'Out with the ...'
'Much ___ About Nothing'
'How can I ___ repay you?'
'Green Eggs and Ham' character
'Come ___ me, all ye that labor ...'

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