Universal Crossword Answers - May 2 2017

Word after 'living,' 'tight' or 'dead'
Where the NHL's Sharks play
Where the center is the tallest?
Very small child
Tractor trailer, in slang
Tips off a proposal
The 'forbidden dance' of the early '90s
Suffix with 'high' or 'quick'
Southwest calculation
Some berths or dentures
Pseudopod organism
Pop the question
Places for dips
Peace Prize name
Pay what's due
Part of a tennis court
One pill before bed, e.g
One of the title kids in an '80s film
Oil company's role
Oil cartel letters
Offended God
Much-mocked hairstyle
Mournful poem
Mascara target
Make ready
Lassie's breed
Kind of salad
Jackson Five member
In a creepy, macabre way
Huxley, Lamb or Bacon, e.g
Hit the slopes
Highest country in the world
Grapefruit relative
Governing org. for lawyers
Gooey road surface
Go from border to border
Give the go-ahead
Giant's word in a fairy tale
Get ___ of (purge)
Geological epoch
Frequently, old-style
Free throw score
Fire-related crime
Feminine pronoun
Feeling of extreme nervousness
Feeling of alarm or dread
Feeling at a haunted house's front door
Edible tropical root
Earth's big belt
Dublin's land
Dedicated poems
D.C. pol
Crackers, nuts or bananas
Connected to the Internet
Component of a basketball
Common forest insect
Colorful prefix with 'marine' or 'lung'
Christmas mainstay
Chowed down
Brazilian city, familiarly
Block or outlaw
Big goofy, clumsy guy
Big game swine
Baby newt
ATM 'code'
Acted sheepish?
60 sec
4:1, e.g
'The Call of the Wild' author Jack
'So that's what you're up to!'
'Kama ___' (love manual)
'Hallow' ender
'For heaven's ___!'

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