Universal Crossword Answers - May 9 2017

Willing to bet on one's own business instincts
What many labs are used for
Well-thought-out strategy
Venetian blind piece
Using few words
Unicycle feature
Thing for legal drivers
Target of red polish, often
Take flight from the police
Steep, flat-topped hills
Skirt's fold
Sewer's creation
Problematic kids
Prepared to drive on a golf course
Prefix with 'knock' or 'freeze'
Perk of being a star
Pass a bill into law
Paper measurement
Pajama fastener
One who suffers for a cause
Old musical strings
Not shallow
Nanny ___ (babysitter checker)
Mountain range between Europe and Asia
Mount Everest-to-Beijing dir
Monetary risk for speeders
Mini's opposite, in fashion
Meals in bowls
Marked by rude shortness
Location, as for a concert
Like excellent brandy
Like after-school activities
Lightly fry
Laurel's partner
Land of leprechauns
Kitchen nook
Juvenile newts
Johnny on the ___
In the thick of
Himalayan humanoid
Half a ballroom dance?
Gross-weight deduction
Great Lake name
Friendly nation
Fish similar to cod
Fib distributor
Fall in winter?
Evans, Lavin or Blair
Easter flower
Drive away and scatter
Designer Perry
Cure for gray hair
Creature like Shrek
Commotions of yore
Come into view
Cold weather ailment
Coat for seriously cold weather
Blue ___ special
Blends or combines
Bits of downy material, e.g
Big-event thresholds
Best way to unload stock
Beginning for 'sent' or 'vent'
At the head of the line
Animated Flanders
Aluminum sheet in the kitchen
A beast of burden
4 p.m. in England, traditionally
2002 Winter Olympics state
'Now' or 'long' starter, once
'Devil' island just off of Australia

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