Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Apr 19 2017 - Take a Bite Out of Crime

Wine quality
Where those involved in the starred crimes may end up?
Walter Scott title
Valuable extraction
Trump security adviser Powell
Traffic report source
Toro, e.g
Took charge
Throw wildly, say
Their caps feature an H on a star
The Governator, jocularly
Teri's 'Young Frankenstein' role
Tangential comments
Tag line
Sp. lady
Some rail riders
Some game enders, briefly
Skin work, informally
Sixth Greek letter
Site of a wave, at times
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings'
Reviewers of plays
Person in a pool
Original title of Shakespeare's 'Henry VIII'
Notable period
More than taken aback
Modernize, say
Mexico has 31
Match units
Lose one's shadow
Lord's Prayer start
Little tunneler
Literary sister
Letter to an editor
Lennon's love
Knocks over
John of 'Star Trek Beyond'
It can help you raise your voice
Is for you?
I, in Ingolstadt
Glove material
Giga- times 1000
Gamer's likeness
Full of attitude
Flint products
First king of Israel
Elementary learning
Criticize harshly
Creative class
Complicated situation
Collude with
Cheer for Manolete
Capital on the Mediterranean
Bygone big shot
Bust maker
Bright entrance hall
Brick-shaped candy
Bernanke's predecessor
Author Jaffe
Assorted collection
Arctic weather phenomena
100-cent currency
*Shoplifted spud, ready to be fenced?
*Illegal scheme to sell zucchini?
*Heisted Hershey's treats?
*Fish caught illegally?
'Why not'
'Got that right!'
'Dear' advice source
'Chandelier' singer

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