Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Jan 12 2017 - Brighten Up

___ Paulo
Worker's reward
Wired extension
Widened, as a bore
White mushroom
View from Orleans
Union member, until 1991: Abbr
Unappetizing chow
Typographical runover
They're picked in Hawaii
Succotash half
Stylishly upscale
Stuck, in a way
Sound of despair
Smart one
Scheming clerk of fiction
Savannah grazer
Rustic abode
Running bills
Rip apart
Put together haphazardly
Provide an address
Professor's goal
Product protest
Pres. advisory group
One for whom everything is black and white?
Offering remarkable service?
Military propaganda effort, for short
Mental blunder
Memento of a scuffle
Maker of Steam n' Mash potatoes
Machiavellian attribute
Lodging option
Like some artifacts, thanks to radiocarbon
Key to the exit?
It often follows you
Home of the Burj Khalifa: Abbr
Henry Jones Jr., familiarly
Hardly in agreement
Fraternity letters
Forecasting aid
Fingered, informally
Entirely accurate
Dropped the ball
Die dot
Complete attention
Cloister figure
Chicken's squawk
Brand that may cause brain freeze
Boudoir attire
Billy, once
Begs for mercy
Article start, in journalism jargon
Alternative to a blessing?
Add numbers to
1992 Michael Crichton bestseller, and a hint to four answers in this puzzle
1980 NFL MVP Brian
'___ out!'
'The Plough and the Stars' playwright
'She's a Lady' songwriter
'Jumping Jack Flash, it's ___...'
'Cheers,' e.g

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