Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Nov 21 2016 - Go With the Flow

___ Gras
Words with tear or tangent
With, to Pierre
Turn in a Twister game
Tune from an army bugler
Theatergoers' private boxes
The Stars and Stripes
Tennis's Sampras
Takes the sloop out
Strength of the flow where the river empties into the sea?
Sinuous fish
Silt accumulation along the river's sides?
Rocker Clapton
Rock concert sights
Ride-for-hire service
Region with an average elevation around three miles
Really shine
Puttylike explosive
Prompted in the theater
Promotes energetically
Practice punching
Position held by the supervisor of a river tributary?
One fated to fail
Neither follower
Military no-show
McGregor of 'American Pastoral'
Mal de ___
Make less unpleasant
Like questions for Siri
Like patent leather or satin
Letter three before zeta
Letter three after zeta
Juice supplier?
Informal agreement
Infamous emperor
Indiana city
Highlight of Act 2 of 'Hamilton'
Hard to clean
Gardener's packetful
Furry red Muppet on 'Sesame Street'
First mother
Firefighting tool
Fashion's Ralph
Fallon replaced him
Emotional request
Dumpster emanation
Double-reed instruments
Defender of a river area?
Deep down
Cubicle fixture
Coin of Cuba
Chiding sound
Can't do without
Brought to a close
Brother of Groucho and Harpo
Bring home
Bread with a pocket
Bob Dylan's '___ Serve Somebody'
Began a journey
Began a journey
Attacks from the air
Agenda unit
'___ pasa?'
'Poker Face' singer, familiarly
'American Idiot' band

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