Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers - Oct 17 2016 - Gratuity Included

Workout count
Work units
Withdraw, as from a nation
West Point inits
Use a hatchet on
Urge forward
Truck, in Trafalgar Square
Tribe that produces kachina dolls
Thor's father
Stuck, in art class
Stockholm native
Some calculator displays
Singer-songwriter Leonard
Showed a second time
Sheep loser of rhyme
Scientist Newton
Russian's refusal
Reason for overtime
Ranking member
Put together hastily
Print measures
Power unit
Potential embryos
Poke with a finger
Plays the ponies
Pitcher Ryan
Omar of 'Lawrence of Arabia'
NYC subway initials
Noted thesaurus compiler
New driver, usually
Neighbor of Libya and Chad
Musical insensitivity
Murphy of 'To Hell and Back'
Mrs., in Madrid
Maker of 57-Across
IDs used on personal tax returns
Hit hard, in the Bible
Heir's inheritance
Hayloft unit
Gratuity included in the six longest Across answers
Grassy area of northern Tanzania
Golf bag items
Gives a hoot
Former Indiana governor Bayh
Former Beatle Sutcliffe
Former Beatle Best
Foot feature
Flight features
Fixed regular payments
Fit for a king
Fabricators of facts
Exhaust's opposite
Duck that yields down
Didn't get up at the usual time
Degree, for one
Dazed state
Company in a 2001 accounting scandal
Come up with a product?
Classic shoot-'em-up arcade game
Catchall category: Abbr
Bring in, as a salary
Animal's home
Act the snitch
'The Wild Duck' playwright
'That smarts!'
'Science Guy' Bill
'How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?' singer
'Great idea!'
'Goosebumps' author

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