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USA Today is a daily American Newspaper, which caters to the middle market of the company and also owned by the famous Gannett Company. If we consider the circulation of the daily newspaper in the USA, then USA Today comes in the league of The New York Times and The Wall Street. The USA daily have created milestones in the print media industry. The USA Today is founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982. The USA today newspaper is one of the newspapers that is widely known as one of the who is best in every field whichever they serve, whether it is about reporting of news from every lengths and breadth of the globe or whether it is the fun sections served by them in their newspaper. 

The newspaper has gone through lots of ups and downs as they have been through redesigning of their pages and also with the lots of controversies like the shutting down of their the media shows.  The newspaper, along with its subsidiaries comes to be one of the successful newspapers. The newspaper constitutes of 4 sections i.e. News, Money, Sports and Life. The newspaper is not operated and does not publish on the Saturday and Sunday. They have their weekend version on Friday only which is comprised of 2 life sections. In the first section the regular life of entertainment which includes lots of features of fashion trends, film reviews, and a DVD column too, and the other section includes the travel supplements which are known as Destinations and vDiversions. These two sections provide the detailed information about the entertainment industry and also take care of the coming weekend news as well. The newspaper has an entertainment section which comprises of different types of puzzles as well. The puzzle sections are liked by kids and adults of all age groups. They love to play the puzzles not only in their spare time but also find the same very informative too. The crosswords or puzzles have been one of the entertainment tools in the past when the people do not have the internet and the busy schedules to take care of. The amusement and the entertainment from the crosswords and the similar tools are only sole inspirations and the entertainment for the people who do not work outside. The easy level of these puzzles is specially designed for the kids so that they can enhance their vocabulary section and move to the different level of the puzzles to increase their skills.

The puzzles whether they are printed in the newspaper or in the digital newspaper, the USA Today newspaper offer lots of features which were unique to them. First of all the varieties of these puzzles should be considered by them as they are very much available in all the difficulty levels. These puzzles have been one of the kinds that you can really admire and provides their user a kind of experience that they will not find anywhere else. The puzzles, although they are a kind of traditional mode of entertainment, but has taken a very innovative stance as well. The newspaper puzzles have the largest contribution in providing the puzzles such a platform. Previously, people just used to wait for the books new addition to come and that too was very limited in number. At such a time these newspapers have come up with this new innovative idea of including them into the daily newspaper so that people should come across these puzzles on a daily basis. They have also come across the various ways to define their passions and came across lots of ideas for the people to send their invites for their crosswords to get published in the newspapers. By doing this the newspaper has got recognition in the people's mind and also have got a platform too, where they are served well and also got a space in their favorite newspaper. So, these puzzles have come upon a long way to serve the citizens where there were only just the single word answers now there are multiple ones as well. The USA Today puzzles saw a big evolvement and many ups and downs via going through many plagiarism checks as well. The existing editor Timothy Eric Parker has received the recognition from Guinness World Records as a “World’s Most Syndicated Puzzle Compiler” in May 2000 joined the USA Today in 2003 to take the newspaper crossword to the next level. 

These puzzles, especially in the digital level have been very much following the trend and also been people favorites, the best part of them that you do not need to pay anything to have their access and also the variation have always been their key  quality and they have excelled in the same. The users sitting in any part of the world can visit their website and play the same for their amusement as well for their intellectual advancement. The users and the people who love to be the part of these campaigns and can register online easily and the newspaper like USA Today offer lots of levels and an easy sign up for the new users, these kind of mysteries and the puzzles while solving, offers lots of benefits to the users (Especially during competitions) as they get excited with each passing of levels and switching to other games as well. Other than the puzzles USA Today on digital media can offer you lots of things that you will feel delighted about and do not want to switch to any other platform except the official website of USA Today. This newspaper has made its market and their impressions when there are already big names in the country and proved that if you have the dreams and determination to explore them, then no one can stop you to achieve them.


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