L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - Sep 27 2016

__ Fables
__ Antonio
Wide shoe width
White-tailed coastal bird
Valentine card hugs
Turn sharply
Tropical fish with large peepers
Took part in a marathon
Three on a sundial
They're often passed on the road
Starting course
Sport, for ports: Abbr
Source of media revenue
Reporter's quintet of questions
Rapper whose professional name sounds like a candy
Provide with funding
Prefix with friendly
Post-Cold War hierarchy ... and what is literally contained in the circled squares
Political refugee
Point of view
Per unit
Peau de __: satin-weave cloth
Party hearty
Out-of-the-office assignment
Orange choices
Opinion columns
NYSE locale
Nonprofit URL ending
Nine-digit ID
Nancy Drew creator Carolyn
Muse of poetry
Muscat residents
Mortar carriers
Marlins' MLB div
LP measures
Lion's den
Leave __: reward the waiter
Lav, in Bath
Jungle swinger
Judaism : kosher :: Islam : __
In any way
Holiday threshold
High bond rating
Head to bed
H.S. 12th-graders
Geological epoch in which mammals arose
First female Shuttle pilot __ Collins
Explorer Ericson
Evergreen that's a homophone of a vowel
Dispensable candy
Curtain material
Copter predecessors
Civil __
City southwest of Warsaw
Churchgoer's 'If it's meant to be'
Chris of 'The Good Wife'
Cake mix need
Cable box display
Brussels' land: Abbr
Blood pressure elevator
Blame taker
Baseball inst. in Cooperstown
Barely beats
Austrian capital
Ask for Whiskas, perhaps
Another name for the gladiolus
Adherent's suffix
Add to the staff
Acid test outcome, possibly
'__ Misérables'
'__ it my way'
'Well, __!': 'What an outrage!'
'Me neither'
'Don't worry about me'

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