USA Today Crossword Answers - Oct 17 2016

___ Lanka
___ Baba
Weather Channel graphic
Unclear, like old home videos
Try to exhume, as treasure
Took charge of
Theatrical disasters
Symbol of the passage of time
Sunbather's shade
Sufficiently skilled
Steak tartare or sashimi, e.g
Starts, as a hobby
Sought a judgment against
Smartphone message
Sinister glance
Senator's six years
Seinfeld's gal pal Benes
Rite response
Reporter's approach
Preacher's podium
PGA hole measures
On the matter of
Oceanic source of iodine
Number in sequel titles
Navel variety, familiarly
Muscular jerks
Molded meat-stock dish
Maze-running rodent
Lip-curling looks
Limerick writers, e.g
Like the Texas star
Letters in carpool lanes
Ketch pair
Julianne of 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'
Jousters' horses
Hotel amenity
Hide-hair link
Harness racing vehicles
Hanes Her Way alternative
Hack's vehicle
Grazing ground
Gazelle group
Game show sound effect
Furious feeling
First name in flagmaking
Filmdom's Farrow
Far from wordy
Fancily decorated
Fallon monologue bit
Fairy tale huffer-and-puffer
Faberge cologne brand
Exterminators' victims
Express in words
Eager to tackle the task
E-file org
Dinero unit
Curly tailed dog
Cornfield unit
Cone-bearing tree
Capsized ship of moviedom
Biology classroom item
Bill in a tip jar
Behave like a brat
Bartender's query
Bakers' flavorings
Anthony Hopkins role in 'Thor'
Alma mater of both presidents Bush
Airport pickup spot
Abounding (with)
1998 BP merger partner
1980 Shelley Duvall role
'___ Miserables'
'___ Kelly' (Mick Jagger movie)
'Pinocchio' art bit
'America, the Beautiful' shiner
'Ain't It Funny' singer, to fans

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