USA Today Crossword Answers - Oct 4 2016

Wildfire sound
What a groundbreaking case may do
Video gamer's goal
Vacationer's lodging, perhaps
Uncool sort
Ultimatum ender
Toiling away
Thumb-in-the-air call
Sunburn reliever
Storm warning
Sport whose jargon includes the first words of 17-, 23- and 48-Across
Something to hum or whistle
Smoked or jellied fish
Sign for an April 1 birth
Set as a goal
Self-serving act
SeaWorld orca, for now
Sale tag caution
Rules, for short
Priest at a mission
Present with a plaque, say
Prepare to advance on a flyout
Places for mani-pedis
Peace Nobelist Wiesel
Partner of singing cowboy Rogers
Part of HRH
Pan Am competitor of old
Online CD source
One per customer, say
Off-white shade
Neatnik's opposite
Morrison who wrote 'Beloved'
More biting, as winter air
Mine like a forty-niner
Maze solver's discovery
Magician's fanfare word
List ender
Like many Russians
Like a young lass
Katniss Everdeen's weapon
Iranian ruler of old
Immigrant's course (Abbr.)
Hopping mad
Holiday fireplace item
High schooler, most likely
Harvests horse food
Go or Go Fish
Get licked
From 1/1 to now
Florida Keys, e.g
Fireplace fleck
Eye wolfishly
End of a Garbo line
Elena of the Supreme Court
Dressmaker's dummy, anatomically
Doll's cry
Darken a room, maybe
Crafts' mate
Crab or frog morsels
Corrida cry
Comes down cold and hard
Classic comics prince, for short
California/Nevada lake
Burr's TV attorney
Brad of 'The Big Short'
Bowie collaborator Brian
Big galoot
Become tiresome
Beatty of 'Deliverance'
Altitudes (Abbr.)
Airline grounded on the Sabbath
Abalone-eating mammals
58-Across partitions
'___ fan tutte' (Mozart opera)
'___ a real nowhere man . . .'
'What did I tell you?'
'Tsk, tsk!'
'A Death in the Family' author

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