USA Today Crossword Answers - Nov 13 2016

___ sequitur
___ d'Azur (French resort area)
Yellow fever researcher Walter
Wilma's cartoon husband
Weapon first tested in 1952, for short
Way out there
Waste-product hobbyist?
Triathlon, e.g
Took a turn
The self-proclaimed 'Greatest'
Spy in Canaan
Sporty Jaguar of old
Spinoff group
Some bar mixers
Sheltered inlets
Punchball 'bat'
Prefix with natal or classical
Perez of 'Pineapple Express'
Party mix morsels
Overnight stopovers, perhaps
Out of the way
Onetime alternative to Pan Am
Off one's rocker
News article starter
Nash's 'one-l' priest
Mugged for the camera, say
Made the scene
Lincolnesque quality
Like a sailor on leave
Landed with a barbed spear
Jotted down
James who sang 'At Last'
James of 'Las Vegas'
Insult, kiddingly
In ___ of (replacing)
IHOP or Staples
Hardwood hobbyist?
Hamburg's river
Halt in hostilities
Gridiron gains
Go or Go Fish
Give a little
Garfield's pal
From the top
Forwards, on Twitter
Forbidden fruit locale
Fire escape step
Fight stoppers, for short
Errol of 'Captain Blood'
End-of-list abbr
Draw in
Deliver a tirade
Deck out
Dance recklessly
Cruel dude
Coll. entrance exams
Coding hobbyist?
Checked out before a heist
Charlie of 'Anger Management'
Bring into sync
Boat missed by the unicorns
Blanket hobbyist?
Birds-and-bees class, for short
Big bird from Down Under
At the summit of
Ascribed, as blame
Artificial, like pearls
Artificial locks
Arabian Peninsula port
Anthem preposition
All square
2016 movie about leaked classified information
'The Innocents Abroad' author
'Ping-pong diplomacy' land
'Black Swan' attire
'All the Way' lyricist Sammy

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